Mastering is a very important part of the music business and is often overlooked by people that think they can just throw some plugins on a mix or worse, run their mix through an algorithm that is generated by some robot service and call their music now mastered.

Just like with arranging a song, writing, performing, recording, and mixing, mastering is an art form and a craft.   That being said, there are many people out there trying to be a one stop shop if you will and do it all.  The problem with this is that you cannot be objective and be able to “fix” the issues with a mix in the same room, on the same speakers, and by the same guy that did the rest of the work.  If your music matters to you, have a professional with objective ears master it.

My goal is to help your music connect with its listener and to draw them in emotionally!  If you have never worked with me, I’m happy to provide you with a test master to show you my approach.

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