I have developed a new way of working that’s not like other mastering engineers. I currently use the newest of technologies with carefully chosen analog gear, converters, clocking, and a very unique way of monitoring!

When I’m working, I listen through a pair of very high end (open back) headphones as I sit inside of an Acoustic Science “Attack Wall” configuration of tube traps! This approach allows me to hear the full frequency spectrum in a way that sounds and feels very natural and is extremely accurate all the way down to 10 hertz.

When it comes to mastering, the most important thing to get right is the room, monitoring, and the playback system as perception is crucial. What I’m hearing then advises me on where to go with your project in terms of additional processing and treatment if needed. After road testing my unique approach, I have noticed that my clients almost never ask me for revisions and that is probably the ultimate test of its success.

  • Acoustic Science “Attack Wall” – featuring (16) nine inch diameter tube traps with (4) sixteen inch diameter monitor tube traps and GIK loaded corner bass traps.

  • Audeze LCD-X planar magnetic (open back) headphones with a frequency response that is flat down to 10 cycles
AD/DA Conversion
  • Burl Audio B16 Mothership – configured with BAD4M analog to digital converters with switchable BX1 transformers, USB motherboard, and a B22 Orca Elma card with digital to analog converters with switchable BX5 transformers and a monitor control section with a stepped attenuator.
  • Crane Song Solaris – 32 bit/192k high resolution DAC with an amazing headphone amp that features a stepped attenuator for precise control.
  • CAG HDE-250a – Fully loaded mastering EQ built by Custom Audio Germany with no compromise! Everything is fully stepped for precision with (2 Carnhill and 2 Lundhal transformers) that can be switched in and out of the circuit. The EQ has a M/S mode, master output gain controls, and switchable gain switches on each band to give .5 dB or .25 dB steps. This thing sounds AMAZING and can be crystal clear like a Sontec or with the switch of the Carnhill transformers can sound like a Neve. With the switch of the Lundahl transformers, it rounds off the low end slightly and adds a little energy to the midrange.
  • DR-MQ5 – Custom mastering EQ formerly owned and built by Gil Tamizyan who is the founder of Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, CA. This particular eq uses the Sontec circuit with a few upgrades. It has a mid/side mode, uses je990 opamps on the output section, and has very high grade components throughout. For added control, the gains have rotary switches that are selectable to either 1/2 dB or 1 dB steps. The Sontec is known for its smooth curves, sweet top end, and warm low end. It’s considered to be “The Holy Grail” of all mastering eq’s.

Compression – Limiting – Stereo Field Processing
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor
  • Various Software Plugins
  • Harrison Mixbus
  • Harrison 32C
  • Hofa DDP/CD Master
Mastering Plugins
  • Harrison
  • Acustica Audio
  • Stillwell Audio
  • Plugin Alliance