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Rates & Policies


Project rates are based on an hourly rate of $60/hr. Generally speaking, it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to master a single song. Turnaround time is just a few days for most projects…

Mastering from stems is not a problem, but because of additional time and complexity, is an additional charge of $25 per song.

Deliverables include: 24 bit masters approved for Apple Digital Masters, 48k print for video as needed, and a MP3/320 print for each song.

DDP for CD manufacturing is $50.

Requests for re-prints of previously mastered mixes after a mix change has been made, is an additional charge.

Sessions must be paid in full before any mastered files can be delivered.

Digital source files (un-mastered mixes) may be uploaded via the studio FTP server.