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06-28-2024:  Jenna DeVries releases her debut full length album that was mastered here for the Heart Songs Music Group!  Track #1 titled “This Town” is currently on Apple Music’s List of Best New Songs and the music videos for “RIP” and “Chapel” featuring (Adam Mac) were both featured on CMT earlier this year.  Jenna was also one of the elite artists to make it to American Idol’s top 24.


06-07-2024:  Katie Knipp releases her full length album titled “ME” and reaches the #9 spot on the iTunes Blues Album Charts!  This particular version of the album was mastered here to taste at Moon Tree Mastering to meet all of the technical specs for Apple Digital Masters (formerly mastered for iTunes).  The album was produced by Katie and Pancho Tomaselli, recorded by Dustin Ryan, and mixed by Bob Daspit.


05-21-2024:  Sal Gonzalez releases a 3 song EP that was recorded live in the studio at Harmony Hill in Tennessee and mastered here.  Sal recently made his debut performance at the world famous Grand Ole Opry and has been featured on the show America’s Got Talent in years past.


05-26-2024:  AHERO Records was featured in USA Today Magazine!  We are honored to be a part of the label’s production team and have mastered several projects for them.


05-18-2024:  Congratulations to HSMG for winning the the Josie Award this year!  We have been blessed to master many projects for them over the years.  Some of those projects have been mentioned in Rolling Stone and People Magazine, featured on CMT, placed on MTV, received national radio play, and have been featured on Apple Music’s “Hot Tracks” list.


03-01-2022:  Moon Tree Mastering has been officially added to Apple’s list of approved mastering studios!



2018-2022:  Katie Knipp reaches the top 10 on the Billboard Blues Album Charts!  All three of these albums were mastered here.  The Take It With You album was mixed by Chris Horton.  The Well and the Live at The Green Room Social Club album were mixed by Dustin Ryan.