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I have developed a new way of working that’s not like other mastering engineers. I currently use the newest of technologies with carefully chosen analog gear, converters, clocking, and a very unique way of monitoring!

When I’m working, I listen through a pair of very high end (open back) headphones that are tuned specifically to my ears and taste as I sit inside of an Acoustic Science “Attack Wall” configuration of studio traps! This approach allows me to hear the full frequency spectrum in a way that sounds and feels very natural and is extremely accurate all the way down to 10 hertz.

When it comes to mastering, the most important thing to get right is the room, monitoring, and the playback system as perception is crucial. What I’m hearing then advises me on where to go with your project in terms of additional processing and treatment if needed.


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What I have learned:

  • Research your own experience
  • Absorb what is useful
  • Reject what is useless
  • Add what is essentially your own